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These Hybrid SPC 100% Waterproof Flooring and exceptionally engineered floor boards have an illustrious and distinguished history and are sold in over 30 countries all over the world. Whether you are simply a humble DIY installer, a builder, or a major retailer, HQ Wood has an incredible range of Hybrid SPC 100% waterproof flooring and stunning engineered timber floors. Not only will the Sunstar Hybrid SPC flooring and HQ Wood floor boards bring beauty and warmth to any building or home, but through the use of innovative technology, they have superior acoustic sound reduction are environmentally sustainable, water-resistant, and highly durable too. Sunstar Flooring has always been the leading distributor in Australia of these Sunstar Hybrid SPC flooring and incredibly engineered floor boards.



Through its association with Sunstar Flooring, we are now a “Sunstar Platinum Concept Store” and offer four product varieties of HQ Wood available. These are:

  • Engineered SPC Hybrid Floor
  • Engineered Rigid Core Hybrid Timber Floor
  • Australian Hardwood Range
  • Oak Engineered Floor


Sunstar Flooring Is Honoured To Be The Leading Wholesaler Of Sunstar Hq Wood Engineered Spc Floors, A New And Innovative Floor Board That Uses Both Plastic And Stone, To Emulate Timber’s Natural Beauty. These Engineered Spc Floor Boards Are More Affordable Than Real Timber Flooring And Are Far More Environmentally Friendly As They Do Not Actually Use Real Timber.

Engineered SPC floor boards allow for superior sound absorption when walked upon since they have an acoustic cork base, which is both ultra-quiet and flexible. This cork can sit on any surface, including those with minor rough surfaces. Atop this cork layer is a stable, 100% waterproof, and highly durable base of the revolutionary stone polymer. A thin décor film, on top of this rigid core layer, mimics the look of genuine timber. Sunstar Flooring SPC Flooring offers eight stunning colour options, perfect for any building or home.

A ceramic matt UV coating and a protective durable wear layer on top of the high-quality décor film, which provides superior resistance to scratch, and is pet proof as well. Unlike traditional timber flooring, SPC is also resistant to climate and temperature climate changes, so it will not contract and expand in extreme temperatures. Our formaldehyde-free SPC flooring gives additional environmental benefits as well.

Thanks to a fast and straightforward secure clip locking system, it is easy to install all our engineered SPC floor boards. We offer a lifetime residential warranty or an incredible ten-year commercial warranty on all SPC rigid core floor boards due to their superior durability.


Sunstar Flooring is enthusiastic about presenting a ground-breaking new engineered timber flooring, which combines a layer of authentic timber over a rigid core. The latter provides a highly durable, waterproof, and stable layer. A genuine timber veneer covers it. An innovative LED UV coating covers the veneer. This coating makes the surface water-resistant and ultra-durable. There is an acoustic cork layer below the rigid core, which enables superior sound absorption when walked upon.

It is easy to install these engineered hardcore timber floors with a simple click and lock base. The cork base makes installation on any surface an easy job, including those that have minor rough areas. Considering that these boards use less timber, they are more environmentally friendly and are significantly cheaper than traditional timber flooring.

We source the timber used in our engineered flooring boards from sustainable providers and are available in all ten colour options from our European Oak and Australian Hardwood range of colours. Sunstar Flooring proudly offers a ten-year commercial warranty and a lifetime residential warranty across our entire range of rigid timber floor products.

Please ask any of our friendly as well as knowledgeable staff at our store if you would love to know more about our incredible range of engineered rigid core timber floor products. We will be more than happy to answer any queries that you may have.


With almost unparalleled beauty, Australian Hardwood is among the most desired and stunning wood flooring options in the world. The range of Sunstar Flooring has four different Australian Hardwood options. These are Tasmanian, Jarrah, Blackbutt, and Spotted Gum Oak. There is an Australian Hardwood that would impeccably complement the look from the more traditional heritage designs to the most contemporary designs. We ethically source all of our Australian Hardwood range from sustainable Australian timber providers. Additionally, in case the flooring needs to be replaced or is damaged, it is possible to reuse or recycle the entire Hardwood range, minimising environmental harm further.

It is easy to install or clean our locally sourced Australian Hardwood Range and can be refinished again and again, considerably extending its life span.

Our highly qualified experts at Perth Focus and Flooring can walk you through our entire range of Sunstar HQ Wood Australian Hardwood products, and assist you in finding out if this is the best option for your needs.

In association with Sunstar Flooring, Timber Flooring Clearance Warehouse are very excited and proud to be one of the leading providers of Sunstar HQ Wood Flooring. The revolutionary advancements and technology in the Sunstar HQ Wood products take into consideration beautiful flooring that is durable, environmentally friendly, sustainable and is easy to install as well as maintain.


Sunstar Flooring proudly introduces their range of Sunstar HQ Wood Oak Engineered floors to the citizens of Perth. Apart from significantly adding to the appeal of any home, oak flooring offers an attractive, warm, and highly desired floor finish. You can choose from a range of six attractive colour options from Sunstar Flooring that will enhance the décor of any room. As we source all our oak from ethical and sustainable providers, it gives you peace of mind that any type of environmental harm is kept to the barest minimum.

Thanks to the simple locking system, it is easy to install our oak flooring. Therefore even the humble DIY home renovator to professionals can install them. You can use a variety of methods to install them, including floating, stapling, or gluing.

All Sunstar HQ Wood Oak engineered floors are mildew, and anti-borer proof and all have superior shock and stain resistance. Additionally, you can recycle or reuse all of our boards, which helps to minimise the impact on the environmental.

To check out our scintillating range of Oak engineered floors, visit our Timber Flooring Clearance Warehouse store. Our highly qualified and friendly staff will be pleased to answer your questions and can organise delivery as soon as you want them. Look no further than our Sunstar Wood Flooring range at our Perth-based store to add incredible beauty and warmth to your building or home. Our friendly and courteous staff will be delighted to answer any of your questions, and help you to choose the best product for your requirements.

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